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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open during lunch?
Do you have a night-drop?
We have three located throughout Fallon. The boxes are checked each morning, except weekends and holidays.
  1. Stillwater Plaza on W. Williams Ave, in front of Beverage Mart
  2. City of Fallon parking lot on S. Carson St.
  3. CC Communications parking lot on S. Maine St.
Can I wire money to my account?
Yes you can.
Incoming wire transfer instructions to your savings account:
Bank Name: Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union, 184 Shuman Blvd Ste 400, Naperville, IL 60563
Routing #: 271987635
Account Name: Churchill County Federal Credit Union
Account #: 321280156
Further Credit To: Your Name & Your Account Number
Do you offer checking accounts?
We do not offer checking accounts but we do offer a prepaid debit card that is easy and affordable to use.
Do you offer notary services?

The credit union notarizes credit union business related documents only.

Notary Services may be available at the following businesses for non-credit union related documents:

3-Dimension Shipping 867-3232

Western Nevada Insurance 423-7056

How can I get a copy of my credit report?
You can request a copy of your credit report, free of charge, every 12 months at
How can I update my account information such as address or phone number?
Complete and sign the Change of Address form and fax, e-mail, mail or bring it into our office. Please be aware that the Post Office may not forward financial related mail. The fee for returned or non-forwarded mail is $5 per month. Complete the Change of Address form as soon as you know your address is changing to avoid this fee.
How do I apply for a loan payment deferral (Skip-A-Payment)
Please call or come by the office to initiate a Skip-A-Payment. Signatures are required from each borrower along with a $40 fee per deferral, per loan. You are limited to two, non-consecutive, loan payment deferrals per calendar year. Not all loans or members will qualify.
My account is dormant. What do I do?

Your account requires just one transaction; a deposit or withdrawal, every twelve months to remain active. Stop by the office, drop it in the night-drop or mail your transaction to us for processing.

You can avoid dormant status by starting direct deposit of all or part of your payroll, setting up a regular deposit with your bill pay or opening up a loan with the credit union. Accounts that become dormant will be sent a reminder notice to activate the account with a transaction or return of the letter. Accounts that remain dormant will be charged $5 per month, every month the account remains dormant. It is the goal of the credit union to activate every account and avoid the dormant fee.

The State of Nevada requires accounts that are dormant for 3 years be turned over to the state as abandoned property. Click to see if your account has been listed as Unclaimed Property.

What are your hours?
9:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday – Thursday
9:00 am – 3:00 pm Friday
What is the credit union fax number?
What is the credit union routing number?


When can I expect my statement?

Statements are mailed to every member on a quarterly basis. Members with electronic funds transfers (EFT) during any given month will receive a monthly statement for that month.